Two years have passed since the birth of CevLab Srl, a project strongly desired by our CEO in order to best represent the group’s strategic orientation with respect to innovation, know-how, specialization or more simply competence.

CevLab provides technical consulting services, mechanical design, electronic design, industrial design and testing. It is born with the goal of integrating technical structures and becoming a true technical provider.

Today, Cevlab has more than 30 people in mechanical, electronics, lab technicians and industrial designers across the Lainate (MI), Carpi (Mo) and Pontenure (PC) offices.

Lainat mainly focuses on designing and testing lighting equipment.

Carpi has a mechanical and electronic division that lives in the many years of experience in designing, industrializing and manufacturing locks and control devices.

Pontenure is the reference site for “creative” figures, engaging in industrial design, graphics editing and multimedia design.