Each year Cevlab introduces new instruments and test machines into its laboratory, constantly expanding its services and raising the level of its expertise.

In 2018 some important innovations will be introduced through the commissioning of the following new instruments:

  • New vibrating bench with climatic chamber: the equipment, recently designed and manufactured, allows to reach maximum acceleration values ​​above 120 g for each of the 3 axes, with vibrational profiles: Sine, Multisine, Random and Sine on Random. The most demanding vibrational stresses can also be verified in extreme and variable temperature conditions during the test. The vibrating bench is one of the best performing currently available and is able to implement all the most challenging vibrational profiles currently required in the industrial and automotive sectors.
  • Photogoniometer for the luminous characterization of lighting fixtures for civil and industrial uses. The instrument allows to determine the values ​​of light intensity, of the lighting cone and the polar graph. These data, typical of every lighting fixture, are increasingly used in lighting design.
  • Receiver of irradiated EM fields (precompliance). The instrumentation allows the measurement of electromagnetic signals emitted by electrical and electronic products in the frequency range 20 Hz – 1 Ghz.
  • System for tests of immunity irradiated to electromagnetic fields (full compliance). The instrumentation allows the execution of immunity tests on electrical and electronic products in reference to the automotive and CE standards.