Project Description


This is a car, designed by Tiberio and won the first design contest in the world.

Tiberio Maffeo, the 28-year-old, has fought for competition and has prevailed over 8,000 projects by winning the “A ‘Design Award”, the award of unique international importance in the design universe.

“A ‘Design Award & Competition’ is not just a competition from designers in the world of design but is the world’s largest design competition that rewards the best products, the best services and the best ideas. Design Award is not only a prize, it is an indicator of quality and perfection in design; to stand in this competition means attracting the attention of companies, professionals and interest groups on the international scene. Participating in the Contest is selected by a scientific committee that changes year by year, consisting, for the most part, by members of the academic world, business people, and representatives of industry associations.

Tiberio Maffeo is a 28-year-old boy from Sant’Angelo all’Esca who has competed and won with his futuristic and fascinating “laPlus”, an electric car designed for intelligent mobility. His project was evaluated together with another 8,000 proposals, he returned among the 1,200 that the jury has chosen to take into consideration, and has excelled by breaking the competition.

“The idea derives from the observation of some artistic representations of the bridge of Einstein-Rosen, a hypothetical topological feature that would basically be a shortcut through space-time linking two universes. I have tried to turn these images into a small car that can no longer move on the wheels, but thanks to the crawler tracks – which resemble a little the movement of the tanks – but composed of two unprotected rubber profiles, according to a methodology innovative “airless”. The vehicle is fed with a battery pack of four plates positioned under the seats feeding the two engines. The outside is made up of an aluminum alloy and a windshield that acts as a dashboard with the “HUD display” technology. We all talk about just under 500kg, to be understood, much less than the weight of a Smart. “

In less than two months, Tiberius will withdraw its precious acknowledgment: “In June, the award ceremony will be held with the award of the prize to the Bruno Group and CEVlab, the research center that deals with the design and

components for the major automotive brands, which have promoted and supported my project. Now it is time to move on to the realization stage and also encounter any mechanical and engineering issues. I hope that in two years the car can see the light. “