CevLab carries out tests on  Archimede Energia
lithium batteries

The company obtains “Type Approval” for its lithium batteries

Our laboratory has carried out the necessary tests on the lithium batteries of Archimede Energia (Company part of the HB4 group), with the aim of obtaining the “Type Approval” for the use of lithium accumulators in the naval sector.

The commitment and investment supported by Archimede Energia in this emerging market concluded with the “Type Approval” for its lithium accumulators, an essential certification to guarantee electric navigation with the highest standard of safety.

The certification obtained by the company is a great result, as Archimede Energia is the first company in Italy to obtain certification from Bureau Veritas for its lithium accumulators.

Following the certification obtained, the first approvals for both hybrid and fully electric boats started:

  • In Bellaria, the first hybrid boat for the transport and collection of urban waste (called the “San Marco”) built by the Cantieri Morri of Bellaria and leaving for Venice where it will take up service has been approved.
  • At the port of Rimini, two other boats for transporting people have been approved, one hybrid and the other fully electric.

The new decade will be marked by electric propulsion and the boat market is also increasingly oriented towards solutions with a lower environmental impact.