Applying the experience to the modern CAD/CAE tools commonly used in the field of design, together with the daily comparison with the Group’s production units, and the availability of modern simulation, testing and control equipments, enables our technicians to realize ideas in high performance products, treating every aspect; starting from co-design with the customer, passing through the joint definition of clear and effective technical specifications, to achieve full product qualification in our laboratories.

Hardware & Software design for electronic solutions

PCB Board , PCB simulations, PCB fast prototyping.
Software design for automotive solution: CevLab develops the software project following the V-model flow.

Mechanical design
& prototyping

3D\2D MODEL: We develop 3D/2D model starting from 3d model customer surface or simply from a customer sketch.
FEM ANALYSIS: Our products are verified with FEM simulation.
CFD ANALYSIS: We provide computational fluid dynamics simulation for headlamp/rear lamp.

Photometric engineering
& simulation

La simulazione di un sistema ottico si basa su precise caratteristiche e indicazioni dei materiali, forniti dal cliente.