Fixing is an accessory used to anchor the trunk at the top of the car, and must be designed to keep it safe.

The box can contain up to 100 kg of weight, therefore it must be firmly fixed to the vehicle avoiding dangers such as breaking and unhooking.

Fixing must be resistant and must have effective and innovative safety mechanisms, in order to be able to overcome specific tests of impact, overturning and many others.

CevLab has been designed a product that integrates different safety systems to guarantee the best resistance. We made our fixing for trunks looking to:

  • Clean and elegant design for a small size fixing.

  • Fixing’s mechanisms that guarantee maximum resistance and safety.

Our product is made with the following components:

  • A lever (or foot): it is the lower part of the fixing that hooks the bar (the only component outside the box)

  • A Knob: which, when tightened, moves the lever closer to the bar.

  • A Handle: that when closed, push a pressure that guarantees more secure fixing anchoring to the bar.

How do the different components work to ensure a secure fixing?

The box’s fixing are positioned in the bottom of the box and they are anchored to the two bars of the vehicle (at each bar are anchored two anchors). To achieve the best safety, our fixing use three mechanical closing systems:

  1. When the knob is screwed, the foot of the device will move close to the bar (up to a limit where the knob stops spinning), in this way we can fix the box to the bars.

  2. Closing the handle, the strength of the fixing increase. The handle closing the top and the bottom of the fixing, anchoring firmly the box to the bar. When we close the handle, we get a higher level of security because the knob is locked and can not be unscrewed unless the handle is raised.

  3. The buckle (used to prevent the moving of the luggages inside the box) passes through the handle keeping it fixed in its position. In this way we can prevent a complete handle opening if it has not been properly closed.

Our product has been designed for different types of bars, the sizes on which it can be mounted ranging from a minimum of 25x25mm up to a maximum size of 85x35mm whispbar with airfoil.

Thanks to these features that differentiate us from the competition, our product has been patented. It is available in two colors: Red and Black.