Since September 2016 Cevlab has equipped the CAM2 Edge tool, a 3D scanning machine that uses blue laser light technology, and Polyworks inspector and Polyworks Engineer software.

With this instrumentation, activities such as dimensional inspections, piece / CAD comparisons, alignments or reverse engineering and 3D documentation become a business reality. Along with 3D  prototyping, this instrument completes the ability to replicate components even partially, moving from the 3D model.

The instrument is able to ‘read’ the surface of many products without any manipulation and the transparent or reflective ones with a simple and fast treatment with a repeatability of 0.029 mm. The supplied equipment allows spherical volumetric detection of 2.7 I make on-site surveys by means of a tripod.

The fields of application of a similar product are innumerable and the use of this tool ranges from quality control to design. The software purchased with the instrument is Della Polyworks (Inspector and Modeler). With the first Cevlab it is now able to automate the testing process by reducing the time from dimensional verification to reporting. Everything is done automatically and customized. The second software supports designers in extraction from the polygonal model to the cad model.