Project Description


In the base configuration, the Dallara Stradale is a barchetta without doors, like a single-seater racing car. It can be customized in a roadster configuration with the addition of a windshield. Adding a T-Frame, the car becomes a targa. With the further addition of two doors with a seagull wing opening, the car becomes a coupe. For those who want to use the car mostly on track, there is the possibility to install a rear wing, which provides access to exceptional levels of downforce.

Partnership with CevLab and Zadi S.p.A.

The Dallara Stradale was developed in close cooperation with CevLab, wich was part of the design project, and Zadi S.p.A. which was part of the production of these parts of the new Dallara Stradale:

  • The keyless car ignition system
  • Tank cap, internal locks kit and vehicle opening controls
  • Sheet metal parts for structure and functionality of the car

Dallara, the pursuit of excellence

Thanks to its low weight, an accurate study of vehicle dynamics and high aerodynamic load, the performance is of a true racing car.

  •  Its 855 kg as a total car weight are a result of the extensive use of composite materials and carbon fiber. The logic behind materials and processes is “materials and processes suitable for their function”: pre-impregnated in an autoclave for the monocoque; long fiber compression moulding in structural components of the bodywork; body panel system in exterior panels; carbon sheet moulding in reinforcements.
  • The kinematics of the suspensions and the calibration of springs and bars and dampers have been defined to maximize the compromise between grip and comfort. Dynamic characteristics of the vehicle have been set, developed and defined in numerous sessions at the Dallara Driving Simulator: expert test drivers have worked closely with technicians and engineers to define the specifications of the suspensions, aerodynamics, engine and ergonomics suitable for an exceptional driving pleasure.
  • Thanks to the virtual development of the CFD and several Wind Tunnel sessions, the aerodynamic load coefficient obtained allows obtaining vertical load values (downforce) among the highest between GT roadcars (more than 820kg @ TopSpeed).

“Since the very first day working with the Dallara , what impressed me the most was the passionate and professional yet modest approach in transferring the technology and spirit of a race car into a pure sports car. The effective cooperation between Bosch and Dallara made this development possible in a very short time. We are glad and grateful that we could take part in making this life-long dream of Giampaolo Dallara come true.”

Bernhard Bihr, President Bosch Engineering GmbH