Ensure the best performance under any condition

Products are often exposed to environmental and mechanical stress on a daily basis. Heath, cold, humidity, atmospheric agents, extreme environmental conditions may have consequences on the functioning of products and machineries. It becomes of essential importance for us to highlight that our products are able to work perfectly under specific conditions.

Within Climatic-Chambers it is possible to simulate one or more environmental conditions at the same time: extreme temperatures and humidity conditions, extreme temperature changes, solar heating and corrosive atmosphere. Tests are constantly monitored by independent and computerized data collection systems. Life-cycle and adequacy tests which are carried out are useful in order to verify products adequacy and weaknesses. These information will be then used to improve the manufacturing process yet by the initial stages.

In our laboratory we carry out environmental tests using the Climatic Chamber. We can guarantee that the products will match with all foreseen parameters and characteristics, both environmental and of the market.

The Environmental Stress Tests realized are the following:

  • Shock and vibrations resistance
  • Vibrations-temperatures combined Tests
  • Environmental tests under controlled temperature and humidity
  • Environmental tests of extreme temperature changes
  • Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures – IP Code (Ingress Protection) check
  • Resistance to corrosivity Tests
  • Accelerated ageing under artificial light Tests

Cevlab has four climate cells, two furnaces and one freezer which allows it to execute different tests for a wide range of systems, plants and materials.


  • Internal dimensions: 1000x1130x953 mm
  • Temperature Range: -75°C / +180°C
  • Temperature Gradient: 4,5K/min during warming 2,3 K/min during cooling
  • Humidity range: 10/98 %