The lock designed by CevLab is a motorcycle safety system designed to be able to act as a deterrent to theft of the vehicle.

The system consists of two main objects:

  • Steel lock with mechanical lock that can be opened with the main key of the motor vehicle. This patented ZADI design component acts as the main deterrent for vehicle theft and the ability to use the main key of the system avoids the need to have a second key for the disc lock (for example avoiding that the key lock – ring with the main key – go and scratch the steering plate).

  • Electronic component, to be stored under the passenger seat, which houses the disc lock and that by inhibiting a microswitch allows the vehicle to start. This component, which can ONLY contain the disc lock, is a “box” that contains the electronic management of the system and that has as an additional feature a lock for manual system bypass.


The housing is made with a seat suitable only for the ZADI disc lock, with a patented shape and design. When the disc lock is in place, a microswitch is pressed which allows the vehicle power supply or a visual indication on the instrument panel to be connected via a cable connection to the ECU.

This system has two main advantages:

  • Avoid departures with the disc lock mounted on the brake disc, avoiding falls or breakage of the motor vehicle.
  • In the event of attempted theft, in order to be able to start the vehicle it is necessary to perform break-ins on the disc lock and on the system mounted under the saddle.

In the event of a desired or unwanted absence of the disc lock, the microswitch can be inhibited by actuating the lock provided in the housing.

The same lock can be reasoned to be used as a mechanical block of the disc lock in the box.